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Al-Sabah Al-Jadeed Newspaper  28th-jan-2013

"The New Morning" is the english translation of the biggest Iraqi newspapers called "Al-Sabah Al-Jadeed" has made an article about the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra Documentary.

A translated copy of this article is below.

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Date: 28-Jan-2013

Baghdad - Kawkab Al-Sayab

Title: Firas Sameer says to "Al-Sabah Aljadeed" the raise of the Cenima depends on Govermental suport.

"Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra" is the title of the new Documentary by his Director Firas Sameer Zeki which lasts for almost 2 hours. This film shows the history of this Orchestra and its foundation early in the forties of the last century.

Firas Sameer is a computer engineer works in Projects Management and he is a painter and sculpture by gift, adores movie directing since he was a kid but his own experience in this field made him produce such a big film.

He studied the Directing on self taught using an American resources of Hollywood and has some personal productions such as a music video clip written, composed and sang by himself as well as the directing. He participated in Mission Impossible 4 starring Tom Cruise, although his participation was simple in that movie but it was a great experience for him interacting with international Hollywood staff.

Sameer did not stop at his own personal information regarding the INSO but he made lots of research using many resources related to Iraqi society studies and the changes were occurred to it and how this impacted the INSO during its journey, in this regard the books of Dr. Ali Alwardi were most affective supporting his film.

To talk more regarding the film and all its details I had to meet its Director whom I never met before, but with the aid of my dear friend Hussien Albayaa who lives in Copenhagen the capital of Denmark drove me to him as he has good relation with him and gave me his account on facebook to make this interview.

Firas Sameer speaks on his experience with this film, he met a number of the INSO pioneer members and founders including Fuad Alsadin who passed away several months ago in Baghdad, Firas says that the appearance of Alsadin in the film increased the film's value as the last has added many of precious information related to the INSO, Alsadin is one of the early founders of the INSO.

Sameer also met artists such as Ali alkhassaf, Fuad Almashta, Abd Alrazzaq Alazzawi, Munther Jamil Hafudh and Abdul Amir Alsarraf who provided many music compositions to the INSO as well as to famous Iraqi movies.

The INSO film has recently participated in California Film Awards and Won the Silver Award.

Through this article we have to mention the huge effort that Firas been through during the production of the film as he played lots of roles and was the camera man, managed the lighting of photography, made the montage and color correction as well as writing the scenario himself, not to mention the conversion and correction of INSO old video tapes to digital which is an effort and time consuming.

The Film produced inside Iraq during one of the director's trips to Baghdad last year, the director faced lots of obstacles and problems because of the security restrictions and roads traffic caused delays to accomplish the interviews, as well as the national power cut-offs which was the most effective obstacle.

Firas Sameer talks about his hard work which took place almost 6 months spent in Baghdad.

Omer Alsarrai took the voice over commentary part and the voice recording where at Laith Sameer's studio the brother of the Director who also played a big role during the film production.

The film was translated and subtitled to the English language, as well as a small participation of two American actresses Camille and Kennerly Kitt shows part of their playing on the Harp music instruments.

Regarding the financial support he says" I did not get any financial support neither from governmental or private sectors".

Also Firas says that Cinema in Iraq cannot raise up again as before because it needs a big government support by establishing foundations to support the Iraqi directors in all aspects and to market their works, not to mention that in Iraq we don't have new Cinema theatres that reflect the value of the Iraqi Cinema.

Firas Sameer wishes at the end of his interview that government supports the Iraqi directors and actors and to providing them the best facilities in order to increase their creativity and succeed in their own work.



Al-Sabah Al-Jadeed (The New Morning) Newsletter  10th-jan-2013

"The New Morning" is the english translation of the biggest Iraqi newspapers called "Al-Sabah Al-Jadeed" has made an article about the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra Documentary.

A translated copy of this article is below.


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Date: 10-Jan-2013

By: Kawkab Al-Sayab

Title: The Director of the film talks to Al-Sabah Al-Jadeed, the INSO in a Documentary Film.

The Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra is the title of a new Documentary by the iraqi Director Firas Sameer, hence the film's play time is 1 hour and 47 minutes, the film events record the history of the Iraqi Symphony Orchestra and the begining of its inception early at the forties of the last century.

The film also discusses a study of the nature of the Iraqi individuals and how the musical tastes of the society changed through the last seven decades, it also shows the changes impacts on the INSO since its formation to the present day.

The film shows the negative impact on the INSO through the political changes that have occurred in the country, said the film's director Firas Sameer in an exclusive interview with "The New Morning", he made a long time research upon the INSO depending on dedicated books and resources, as well as books related to the Iraqi society, including books by Dr. Ali Al-Wardi, as well as meetings with pioneer members of the INSO and its founders, like the late Fuad Al-Sadin who had an important appearance in the film, providing enormous information through his narrative of some of the events that belong to the early Symphony Orchestra days, noting that he also met others including Ali Khasaf, Fouad Almashta, Abdul Razzaq al-Azzawi, Munther Jamil Hafuth, Abdul Amir Al-Sarraf and others.

And regarding the festival, in which the film has participated he said: "The film participated in the California Film Awards and won the 'Silver Award' award which will be distributed in the twenty-sixth of this month during the ceremony".

Sameer said that the film was produced in personal efforts, hence there were no kind of supports for him, as the film were written, filmed and produced by himself. The soundtrack has been composed by his brother Laith Sameer.

The movie was shot in Iraq and the production nearly took six months on a daily basis, but during that he faced great difficulties such as power outages, who was a major impediment to the production process.

Firas Sameer is a computer engineer who is working in the Projects Management in the field of telecommunications, practiced painting and sculpture, and adores movies direction since childhood, self developed and enhanced his skills by studying U.S. resources of Hollywood; He also participated in the movie 'Mission Impossible 4' starring actor "Tom Cruise" as an extra cast actor and his presence was simple in that movie.


Watch the INSO documentary trailer.