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INSO documentary film credits




The scenario and voice over scripts was written and prepared by Firas Sameer after a very long time studying, reading and researching paper books and over the internet regarding the Iraqi society and the INSO.


Camera Man

All Interview footage and many concert rehearsals plus behind the scenes in adition to parts from a couple of new concerts where shooted by Firas Sameer.



Lighting done by Firas Sameer


editing and special effects

All editings and montage including the color corrections were done by Firas Sameer.


SoundTrucks and Background music

All background music were done and composed by Laith Sameer.


Audio Mixing and corrections

Mixing all the audios including the corrections of some noisy tracks because of the invirounments were done by Firas Sameer.

Voice over commentary

Omer Al-Sarrai participated in this documentary by taking the commentary part.


Voice over recording

Commentary voice over recordings done by Laith Sameer.


Extras done by Firas Sameer

The images and photos corrections.

DVD and poster design.

Converting the very old VHS tapes into digital, hence making it most clear as possible.

Editing and coding the film website.


ProducTION and directION by

The film produced and directed by Firas Sameer.


special thanks goes to

> Laith Sameer for his continous support during the shooting times, also for creating the film soundtracks and using his studio to record the voice of the commentary.

> Flemming Weiss Andersen for providing some footage of after 2003.

> Camille Kitt: Harpist and Kennerly Kitt: Harpist for providing a couple of harp playing video shots by them.


References used

The Music in Old Iraq - written by Dr. Subhi Anwar Rashid.

Study of The Nature of The Iraqi Scociety - written by Dr. Ali Al-Wardi.

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