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Firas Sameer Zeki

Firas Sameer is an Iraqi independant film maker, that used to have briliant ideas with creativity in many fields of art and multimedia such as photography, painting, sculpturing, composing, video shooting and directing.


He gratuated from the University of Tachnology in the field of Computer and Control engineering,along with his engineering mentality and career life, he used to make research and resources about film making and all the related stuff since he was a kid.


He participated as an extra cast in Mission Impossible 4 (Ghost protocol) movie and always looking forward to face new challenges in the film and movie industry world.


He also participated in editing one of the Emirati short films called "Darkness" directed by the Emirati director Ahmed Zain by modifying some of the scenes using special effects.

"Darkness" participated in Dubai Film Festival 2010, and in Gulf Film Festival 2011.

And because of the editing of "Darkness" he invited to the red carpet of the Gulf Film Festival 2011.


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Firas Sameer's Personal Blog

Other short clips done by Firas Sameer

tour in sprewald forests (germany)

During my journey to Germany in July 2010 I had the chance to shoot some wonderful video snapshots, specially in Spreewald, the forests located in east Germany where people have to use small boats to travel between the areas?

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malmo relaxation video clip (sweden)

When I went to Germany last year I had the chance to visit Sweden for a while, I flew from Berlin going to Copenhagen because there is no direct fly to Malmo (Sweden) the area were I want to go....

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the address timelapse (Dubai)

Two days back, when I saw the sky were cloudy I decided to do something specially when here in Dubai its rare to have such a nice weather during the year only for a couple of weeks, I prepared all...

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A day at festival center (Dubai)

Today I went early with my relatives to Festival Centre in Dubai, and I know that I visited this mall over hundreds of times but I never thought of using my iPhone 4G camera to make a video there!!! I...

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