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Film Info

The Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra documentary film presents a study of the Iraqi musical culture that was changing over the past years since the INSO formed early in the forties of the last century and to this day.

For many years back, Iraq was never been stable, as every couple of years there were political issues, wars, millitary coups and other internal and regional problems.

Those unstable conditions in addition to some internal society changes, affected the musical culture in Iraq during the last seven decades.

The film discusses and shows how those obstacles reflected against the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra and it's members from a perspective of the classical music genre.



The film include many interviews with prominent members in the INSO that tells thier story of the Orchestra supported with many rare concert footage and old pictures.

Many rare concerts have been converted from old VHS video tapes into a digital format by the auther.


Hard Times

During the interviews shooting period, there were a lot of national electricity shutdowns, as this is the situation in Iraq.

There were a lot of noises and distortion because of the house power generators and big area generators that provide the power when the national electricity is down, getting those noises from the interviews was like hell.

A lot of shooting delays occured because of the electricity shutdowns even when the power generation was there because sometimes the lighting becomes fluctuate and shooting an interview was impossible.

Another obstacle raised up during the interviews preparations which is the transportation, facing lots lots of traffic jams caused by millitary check points even on the highways.

And the security situation takes a big part in the hard times, any time, any where we expects an explosion or a machine gun fights.

Putting in mind that most of the INSO members I interviewed were living so far away.


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