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Welcome Note

The Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra, is considered as the oldest Orchestra in the Arab world, where it's beginning was in the forties of the last century, and based on it's crew of musicians, conductors and solo players on various musical instruments, it continued the concerts journey, performing musical pieces for various musical eras, as well as pieces of Iraqi composers.

Many professional foreign conductors have conducted the INSO since it's inception, from Austria, Poland, East Germany, Hungary and the Soviet Union, as well as a number of Iraqi conductors such as Abdul Razzaq al-Azzawi, Mohamed Othman Siddeeq, Mohammad Amin Ezzat and Karim Wasfi.

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The Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra's journey wasn't perfect like the other Symphony Orchestras, or at least it wasn't a normal journey, as it always been facing difficulties because of the unstable political and social conditions during many decades ago.

So, what were the obstacles encountered by the INSO? was it able to survive and evolve? what was the position of the successive Governments of them? and what was the fate of it's members?

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